Alumni Profile

Vic Pollard

Moving to Christchurch in 1968 from Palmerston North for teacher training has resulted in many wonderful blessings in my life.

My wife (Karen) and I married in Christchurch 51 years ago. The Lord gifted us with 5 amazing children who all attended MG many years ago. All are married and by the wonderful blessing of our Lord provide us with 13 delightful grandchildren and 1 adorable great grandson.

I was appointed to a Mathematics teaching position at MG in 1980. Other positions I have held include Curriculum Leader in Mathematics, Senior Master, and Associate Principal before retiring at the end of 2012. Since then I have been a relief teacher at MG up until a few weeks ago. Which means I have been privileged to be associated with MG some 44 yrs.

My memories of MG are too many to refer to here. I give thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ for using my time at MG to grow in my knowledge of Him and to use it as a means of His grace in my life and my family. Of course teaching has its challenges, but to be open about one’s faith and integrate this into my classroom teaching and interaction with staff, pupils and parents was an immense privilege. Coaching football and cricket bring back wonderful memories of the talents of many of our pupils.

In the years I have been associated with MG the growth and changes of the school have been significant through the faithfulness of our God and the wonderful commitment of the Board of Trustees and the Christian Schools’ Trust. The development of the 4 schools in 1 structure, roll growth, together with the School’s reputation within NZ and internationally as a Christian school with academic, cultural and sporting prowess and wonderful facilities give us much to praise our God.

Finally I would encourage the current ‘family’, that is pupils, parents and staff to read some of the School’s history and enjoy what is a truly blessed school due to many who have gone before with much prayer and sacrifice and dependence on our God.

To God be the Glory.