Four Schools in One

Middleton Grange School is a large co-educational Christian School with around 1400 pupils in Years 1-13. In order to ensure that all pupils feel a part of the school, Middleton Grange School has been set up as four schools in one. One Principal, Mr Mike Vannoort, oversees all aspects of the school, and each of the four schools has a Head of School who oversees the teaching and learning and the pastoral care of the pupils within their school.

One of the major advantages for Middleton Grange School pupils is that there is a seamless approach to the Curriculum, pastoral care and Special Character as they transition from Primary School to Middle School and from Middle School to Senior College.  International pupils are mainstreamed across Years 2 – 13.

A whole-school-identity is promoted through Special Character aspects such as our motto, verse, hymn, prayer and haka.

The four schools are:

  1. Primary School, Years 1-6, with approximately 300 pupils.
  2. Middle School, Years 7-10, with approximately 450 pupils.
  3. Senior College, Years 11-13, with over 550 pupils.
  4. International College, with around 100 pupils in Years 1-13