Audition Information

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We warmly welcome you to audition for the Lion King Jr 2024. We hope you will enjoy finding
the resources for music and dance in the audition pack. It is helpful to practice the dance
routine with a supportive friend or two in your free lunchtimes or after school.

General auditions

Thursday 11th April: 3.45 –7:30pm
Drama Studio (K119) and the Music room (K106)
Year 7 &8: 3.45 – 5.30pm
Year 9 &10: 5:30 –7:30pm

*We will try to release you as soon as your audition is complete.

You will need to learn the audition dance and the song ‘They live in you’.

Please wear comfortable clothing (not uniform) for moving and dancing in. Please bring extra food and drink to eat.

We will meet in the Drama Studio for a welcome briefing, and to organize the teams you will be in for your audition. This is also a time for everyone to practice the dance together in a large group. You will audition in groups of three. Auditions will not take long, but if you are auditioning for a lead part you may be asked to be available to be heard again at the call backs.

Main characters 

If you are auditioning for a solo singing role, you will audition as a small group first and then you will need to be prepared to sing a solo in front of your small group.
You will need to indicate on your sign-up form that you would like to be considered for a main character and then also learn the song for that character.

Simba – Can you feel the love tonight
Mufasa – They live in you
Nala – Shadowlands
Rafiki – Circle of life
Scar – Be prepared
Timon / Pumbaa – Hakuna Matata

We are looking to fill 65 roles in the Company. If you are not successful in the audition you may still like to be involved with other aspects of production (tech/stage crew, painting sets etc.). Give it your best effort and bring along an attitude of appreciation for each other. This is a big community event, and you are all valuable. We are proud of you for stepping out to audition for a place in the company.

Come along with a positive attitude and put your best foot forward!
Lead roles are demanding and more suited to our more experienced actors and singers in Y9 and Y10. We look forward to meeting our emerging performers in Year 7 & 8.

Commitments and key dates

For all performers, commitment and regular attendance is important. There will be
rehearsals for some performers at lunchtimes to work on specific scenes and material.

IMPORTANT DATES – Full commitment required!

Before you audition, please check the dates below to make sure that you will be available for rehearsals and the whole of production week.

Recalls – Week one Term Two, Tuesday 30th April: 3.45 – 7 pm.

First Rehearsal – Thursday 2nd May: 3.45 – 8pm

Term Two rehearsals are every Thursday 4:00-8:00 pm

Term Three rehearsals will be 4-9 pm.

Tech day – Monday 26th August (main characters and tech/stage crew)

Production camp – Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th August

Dress rehearsal – Wednesday 28th August after school/evening

Show 1 – Thursday 29th August – evening
Show 2 – Friday 30th August – evening
Show 3 – Saturday 31st August – afternoon
Show 4 – Saturday 31st August – evening