International Students are part of their homestay family.Middleton Grange School’s International College has been serving international students since 1964. From the beginning homestays have been part of the plan with thousands of students placed in primarily Christian homes.

Hosting students is about inviting someone into your family, loving and caring for them and helping them to become people of strength and character. The school community has served in this capacity and continues to do so.

All pupils studying at Middleton Grange School are required to live in a homestay regardless of age, unless they live with a parent. Homestays are Police Vetted by the New Zealand Police and homes are checked to make sure they confirm with the requirements set out in the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

Host parents work with the school in the care of international students. They will provide all your meals, a warm and comfortable bedroom, will take you to the doctor when you are sick and encourage you in your studies and your life in Christchurch. You will be included in the lives of your host family and be a part of everything they do.

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