Pastoral Care

Students are cared for spiritually, physically, academically and personally through an extensive pastoral network with their own school. All staff have a genuine concern for students and will willingly pray with and encourage them as required.

Across the whole school there are student leaders such as prefects and peer support teams, Along with on-site counsellors. Students can be referred to the counsellors by teachers or parents, and can also self-refer.

The Primary pastoral network includes the Class Teacher; Learning Team Leaders and the Head of Primary.

The Middle School pastoral network includes the Form Teacher; Year level Deans and the Head of Middle School.

The Senior College pastoral network includes the Vertical Group Teacher (classes are comprised of a mix of Y11-13 students, hence the term ‘Vertical Group’ rather than ‘Form Class’); Year level Deans for girls and boys; the Head of Senior College; and the Tertiary and Vocational Advisors in the Careers Department.

International students are cared for in their respective year levels as outlined above, and also by the International College staff . The International College motto “Arrive as strangers, leave as friends” is a true testament to the support and care students receive.