Student Stories

International Year 13 students comment on school life at Middleton Grange

“I understand now that I have choices in life, and that I can be more positive and enthusiastic in what I do. I have learnt the art of communication with my close friends.”  Sherry Chen, Taiwan

“I have seen that the teachers in New Zealand are passionate about what they teach, and sometimes they overact in demonstrations to help us understand what they mean.”  Kevin Kim, Korea

“Year 13 Camp was a memorable experience for me. The school provided a lot of activities to help develop creativity and leadership. It was a very interesting experience for me because I had to work with other people and express my ideas.”  Yuto Tsuchiya, Japan

“What I will remember most about Middleton Grange is all the friends I have met this year. Last year I didn’t even speak more than 9.6 words to anyone. But this year I speak more than 9600 words to everyone! Friends have cared for me and supported me, and I wish these happy moments could last forever.”  Christie Hsu, Hong Kong

“I learnt many interesting ideas from my art teacher and my form teacher.”  Terry He, China

“The house system worked for me as it creates team work and team spirit in the school. It was fun when we had house competitions.”  Harry Huo, China

“I have appreciated the support the whole staff gave to international students. At first I was quite shy and anxious, but all the teachers gave me the confidence to get through difficulties in my studies and my daily life.”  Jingyi Zhao, China

“Snow Camp was fantastic. We made an igloo and slept in it. I had never been to a snow scene in the mountains before. It was a wonderful experience.”  Daniel Jung, Korea

“I was amazed by the friendly relationship between students and teachers at Middleton Grange. The teachers and students look happy together, which is so different to Korea where the relationship is quite strict.”  Marie Moon, Korea

“The first thing I noticed in New Zealand is that the school environment is very safe. My school in Thailand has a high fence all around it with CCTV cameras and four guards on duty all day. Being at Middleton Grange School makes me feel much more relaxed which helps me study better.”  Nung Kraisamang, Thailand

“Kiwi students should be very grateful to be studying in New Zealand. It is much more relaxed here than in china. My school in China starts at 6:30am and finishes at 9:20pm. I also spend three hours doing homework every day!”  Shaodi Wang, China

“Middleton Grange School is a wonderful place to study and learn the local culture. Most teachers and students are Christian so they are quite friendly and help every international student.”  Nate Yuan, China

“New internationals must know about the GHOST of the International College. You guys cannot run away from him. I am pretty sure you will get caught. Also don’t even try to lie to him. HE KNOWS EVERYTHING! That ghost is Mr Gillon!”  Karl Choi, Korea

“It has been a long journey. Seeing people coming and going always affects my feelings. However, this year is my turn to leave the school. I hope there is someone who can remember me.”  Will Ng, Taiwan

“I could make friends from many different nations. It is really fun when trying to learn their language or culture. I realise now that it is rewarding to develop cross-cultural relationships.”  Andy Song, Korea

“I have met lots of amazing people at Middleton. The memories I share with them were worth leaving Japan for.”  Reina Asada, Japan