“Whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

Service is a key component of the Middleton Grange School Motto: Character, Excellence, Service to the Glory of God. Our school culture encourages all pupils to serve God, the school, one another and the wider community, with excellence. We seek to explore what God requires of us in the world we live in.

Opportunities for service grow as pupils progress through the school. From being class leaders or captains, sports helpers or special helpers, or buddies to new or younger pupils through to larger projects initiated by pupils.

Middle School Service Day is held during the last week of school each year, harnessing the enthusiasm of energised young people the week before summer holidays! Every class goes out for a day to put God’s word into action and be his hands and feet to serve others in the community.

Year 12 includes a compulsory service component for which pupils choose their own service context.

Some other examples of service opportunities are:

  • International Ambassadors
  • Academic Tutoring/Sport Coaching
  • Sound system for assemblies
  • Production Support
  • Pupil Librarians
  • Canteen
  • Middle School assemblies
  • Reader/Writer assistance
  • Careers Monitors
  • Sports Monitors
  • Recycling Monitors (Primary & Middle School)
  • Canteen Distribution (Primary)
  • Banking Assistants (Primary)