Fees & Other Costs

Attendance Dues

Attendance Dues are a compulsory fee approved by the Ministry of Education and are payable to the proprietor of the school for the provision of buildings and facilities together with other property related costs as required by the Ministry of Education under the Deed of Integration.

Attendance dues are $1,590 per pupil in 2020.

Payments are made to the Christian Schools Trust (CST) account (02-0874-0182984-000). Options are:

  • By Direct Debit – quarterly, monthly, or fortnightly. This is our preferred option. Forms are available from the Finance Office.
  • In full for the year on receipt of the first Term 1 invoice. This qualifies for a $50 discount per pupil.
  • Four instalments – one at the start of each term.
  • Monthly or fortnightly by automatic payment.

Special Character Donation – SCD (Voluntary)

One of the reasons that Middleton Grange School is able to deliver quality education is because of parental support, through both prayer and voluntary donations.

Voluntary donation support from parents allows for the following:

  1. Special Character Provision  Government financial support provides for teaching in the general curriculum subjects and whilst biblical principles under-pin all these subjects, we desire to ensure your child is also specifically taught biblical knowledge and understands and can engage with social issues from a Christian perspective. Your voluntary donation ensures that we can support and develop our staff and pupils in this area as our school receives no government funding for this critical aspect of your child’s education.
  2. Achievement Initiatives   Each year we offer programmes for pupils to meet the needs of either remedial learners, strugglers and gifted learners.  Your voluntary donation supports this.  It also supports teaching staff and Middle Leaders in their professional development in strategies which raise pupil achievement.
  3. General Resourcing   We subsidise a number of activities for your children, e.g. no school van charges for trips within Christchurch, larger than normal funding for libraries and ICT, and financial scholarships for the needy.

The Special Character Donation (SCD on the invoice) is paid into the MGS account (02-0874-0182976-002) as a sliding scale depending on how many children you have attending the school. All donations are receipted and eligible for the 33% tax rebate. A tax donation receipt will be sent in April to cover all donations paid from 1 April to 31 March.

One child $540 p.a Two children $972 p.a
Three children $1080 p.a Four + children $1188 p.a

Extra Charges

Paid to the MGS bank account: (02-0874-0182976-002)

Course fees – a number of curriculum courses incur resource charges. Details are available in the course information booklets. These will be invoiced as incurred.

Activity Costs – class trips, sports and other co-curricular activities must be paid in full before the pupil can attend, unless prior arrangements have been approved by the Principal.

Unless we are advised otherwise, payments received will be allocated against the oldest invoice first.