Fees & Other Costs

Attendance Dues

Attendance Dues are a compulsory fee approved by the Ministry of Education and are payable to the proprietor of the school for the provision of buildings and facilities together with other property related costs as required by the Ministry of Education under the Deed of Integration.

Attendance dues will be $1,700 per student in 2024.

Payments are made to the Christian Schools Trust (CST) account (02-0874-0182984-000). Options are:

  • By Direct Debit – quarterly, monthly, or fortnightly. This is our preferred option. Forms are available from the Finance Office.
  • In full for the year on receipt of the first Term 1 invoice. This qualifies for a $50 discount per student.
  • Four instalments – one at the start of each term.
  • Monthly or fortnightly by automatic payment.

Special Character Donation – SCD (Voluntary)

One of the reasons that Middleton Grange School is able to deliver quality education is because of parental support, through both prayer and voluntary donations.

Special Character Voluntary Donations are the primary source of funds used to “maintain the school’s Christian character”. These are fixed by the Middleton Grange School Board and used to fund “elements of the school” that are not provided for in the Operations Grant provided by the Ministry of Education. These “elements” include the work and resource required to redevelop the NZ Curriculum into a biblically based Christ centred curriculum, professional development for staff around teaching Christianly, extra staffing to provide smaller classes and learning support, and service and missions based programmes.

Please note that the Special Character Voluntary Donation has Tax deductible status, currently a 33% rebate.

The Special Character Donation (SCD on the invoice) is paid into the MGS account (02-0874-0182976-002) as a sliding scale depending on how many children you have attending the school. All donations are receipted and eligible for the 33% tax rebate. A tax donation receipt will be sent in April to cover all donations paid from 1 April to 31 March.

One child $540 p.a Two children $972 p.a
Three children $1080 p.a Four + children $1188 p.a

Extra Charges

Paid to the MGS bank account: (02-0874-0182976-002)

School Activities – Course Costs/Contributions

Some courses incur charges to recover costs where families have chosen to take up a voluntary project or activity within the course.  Details of charges are available in the course information booklets.  School Activities – Course Costs/Contributions will be invoiced by Middleton Grange School.

Unless we are advised otherwise, payments received will be allocated against the oldest invoice first.