International Enrolment

There is a lot of information that you should read before making your decision about enrolment. The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Leaners) Code of Practice 2021 expects you to read the information below before enrolling at Middleton Grange International College.

1. Read

Our Brochure


Student Visas

The Immigration New Zealand website gives all the information on applying for a Student Visa.

If you are coming to New Zealand without a parent, you can apply online at Immigration New Zealand.


2. Fill in


3. Send

Post or email completed Application Forms to:

Middleton Grange International College
30 Acacia Avenue
Christchurch 8041
New Zealand


4. We answer

After we receive your application:

  1. We will write a letter of acceptance or refusal
  2. You pay your fees (see Section 5 – Payment)
  3. We issue an Offer of Place
  4. You apply for a student visa
  5. Visa approved – make travel arrangements
  6. Advise the school of arrival date – Big Welcome!

5. Payment

We have partnered with Cohort Go Payments to offer a quick, easy and secure way to make tuition payments for our international students. With Cohort Go Payments you can make transfers from anywhere in the world, and through any bank. They offer beneficial currency exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your local currency and save a substantial amount of money compared to conventional banks. Cohort Go Payments also offers transparent payment tracking from start to finish through a student dashboard, and will email you as soon as we receive your payment. International payment transfers have never been this easy.

To send your funds today, click