Uniform Guidelines

General Appearance

  • Students are to be clean and tidy, and dressed in accordance with the school Uniform expectations.
  • Blazers are to be worn to and from School during Term 2 and 3. (Years 7 – 13)
  • Polar Fleeces are to be worn to and from School during Term 2 and 3. (Years 1 – 6)
  • Regulation footwear is required to be worn at all times, except where the class activity requires otherwise.
  • Any garment worn under the school uniform should not be seen.
  • All uniform items should be clearly and securely named
  • Girls skirts/skorts should be worn on the knee
  • Distinct seasonal uniform is to be worn. A transitional period of two weeks at the beginning and end of each term allows students the option of choosing the complete summer or complete winter uniform.


  • Hair must be neat, clean, and tidy. Hair is to be kept off the face, out of the eyes, and tied back if below the collar.  Extreme hairstyles are not permitted.
  • Discreet, plain, black or hair-coloured hair ties and hair clips may be worn.
  • Only natural hair colours are permitted. If in doubt, talk to the Head of School (International students should talk to the Assistant Director of the International College) before having a change of colour.
  • Face to be clean-shaven. Side burns must not exceed below the ears.

Jewellery – All jewellery must be discreet and visually unobtrusive

  • One discreet, unobtrusive necklace that is not offensive to the school’s Christian character may be worn.
  • One discreet, unobtrusive pair of plain studs may be worn in the lower earlobes.
  • Students may wear a visible cultural taonga around the neck, which may be worn on the outside of the uniform.
  • No other jewellery is permitted.

Make Up – Make-up must be discreet and visually unobtrusive

  • Light natural foundation may be worn.
  • The length of nails is to be moderate and discreet, unobtrusive nail polish my be worn.


The school reserves the right to determine what is discreet/unobtrusive or not.  This will be done by the Year Level Dean and Head of School.