Special Character

The Middleton Grange Story quotes this statement … “Middleton Grange School will at one and the same time provide a first rate general education and “Biblical teaching in the Christian faith”.

That Middleton has been successful in being perceived as authentically Christian and providing a first rate general education stems from its commitment to promoting high standards of endeavour, while safeguarding its Christian character.

The Christian Schools’ Trust is responsible for safeguarding the Special Character of the school.

This means that at Middleton Grange we aim to help students:

  • know and understand God and His ways and respond to Him in obedience, love and service.
  • appreciate their uniqueness and worth as individuals created in God’s image, and as people personally known and loved by God.
  • recognise their responsibility to develop and use their total abilities to the full.
  • appreciate the great diversity that exists within the human race and recognise the distinct relations, obligations and opportunities that this diversity creates.
  • develop caring, true, and just interpersonal relations, and stimulate them to seek the well-being of our total society.
  • develop personal qualities of faithfulness, integrity, industry and godliness in the context of their learning and interpersonal experiences at school
  • understand the universe as the creation of God, and encourage them in their exploration and proper use of its resources.
  • appreciate the effects of sin and the Fall upon human relations and the creation as a whole, and impress upon them the importance and possibility of renewal through Jesus Christ.
  • develop a zest for life, learning and service that will enable them to embark on a lifetime of useful endeavour.

What does that look like in everyday school life?

The Special Character does not make special appearances for specific classes like Scripture, but is interwoven throughout the school day. It plays an integral part in lesson content and presentation. All staff are committed to assisting students reach their God-given potential and therefore prayer and biblical encouragement occur naturally in student/student, student/staff and staff/staff interactions.

Christian Education at Middleton Grange:

  • Occurs within a compassionate community.
  • Is Bible-based.
  • Is Christ-centred.
  • Upholds truth and excellence.
  • Develops Christian thinking.
  • Builds character and gifts for service.