MGS Performing Arts


What we do

  • Intensive rehearsal schedule in Term 1 leading up to Polyfest
  • Times for rehearsals: Mon and Fri 3.30pm and Weds 2.30pm, Saturday 10am till 1pm in the Grange 
  • Occasional rehearsal the rest of the year
  • Various dance and singing items

You will grow in

  • Relationships with each other
  • Knowledge &  Cultural History
  • Performance Techniques

Opportunities include

  • Polyfest
  • FiaFia Night
  • Performances within School
  • Performing Arts Awards Evening
Pasifika Co-ordinator is Nicole Bailey, Polyfest Leader is Sifa Mohi and Tutor is Annette Lai King


Term 1 daily rehearsals

(Ongoing relaxed practice post festival)