Learning Support

Years 1-6

The dedicated Primary Learning Centre is led by a SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) and ELL Co-ordinator (English Language Learner). They work with trained support staff to provide programmes at the PLC, and extra assistance in the classroom. Support is provided for students who are experiencing difficulties in their learning journey, or who are developing their English Language Learning. The support may occur individually or in small groups.

Years 7-13

The Learning Centre Programmes are split into three distinct areas. All programmes are supported by a well-qualified team of dedicated people.

  1. Year 7-10 Literacy and Numeracy – run in small groups, individually and with some class support.
  2. Senior Study Support – covers both in-class and study support, as well as special conditions for pupils who qualify for assistance during tests and exams. We are always looking for volunteer Readers-Writers to help with this.
  3. A Special Needs area for students who are unable to access the curriculum. This is run from the Learning Centre and the Learning Centre House on Suva St where we run life skills programmes.