Be Involved

Here is a list of opportunities where parents, grandparents, alumni and other adult members of the community can be involved as volunteers in school life.

2020-2022 Strategic Plan Review and Consultation

Hi there,

It’s time to develop our strategy as a school for 2020-2022.

The first part of that development is to review the current strategy and give your feedback on the strategy so far and what you would like to see in the future.

Keep, Stop and Start are useful ways to think of your feedback.

Your prayerful feedback should include what you think we should keep doing, what you think we should stop doing, and what you would like us to start doing for the first time.

Your prayerful thoughts and suggestions will guide us as we put together Middleton Grange’s strategy for 2020-2022.  Practically, not all suggestions can be implemented but we can guarantee that all input will be seriously considered, and wherever viable, implemented.

Strategy consultation process

The strategy consultation process will go through a number of stages:

  1. Focus group discussions covering parents, teachers, collaborating Christian schools, Christian Schools Trust and trustees. Focus group participants will be a mix of opinion leaders identified by the teachers and a random selection from the school roll.
  2. The focus group results will be used to develop an anonymous survey which may be filled in by all parents, teachers, collaborating Christian schools, Christian Schools Trust and trustees.
  3. Individual submissions may be submitted by parents, teachers, students and trustees by email.
  4. A report will be produced with all the final results and made available on this web page.


The consultation process will begin in in the first weeks of Term 1 and the report should be available in the first weeks of Term 2.

How you can participate

We would like all parents, teachers, staff and affiliates to have the opportunity to participate in this strategy development process:

  1. Focus groups: If you would like to participate in the focus groups let us know by February 15 using this link.  We will acknowledge your offer to participate by return email.  In the interests of good small group dynamics, keeping these numbers down to a manageable level will be important so we can’t guarantee that your offer to participate will be accepted.A focus group discussion involves 8-10 people who take part in an informal, relaxed discussion designed to identify what everyone thinks about a particular topic.  It takes about 45-60 minutes and light refreshments will be provided.
  2. Submissions: Review the current strategy (see below), prayerfully reflect on what you would like the school to keep, stop and start doing and send in your thoughts by March 15 using this link.
  3. Questionnaire: Later in Term 1, we will be emailing out an invitation all members of the school community to take part in an online survey. The survey is intended to find out how many people support the views and perspectives identified in the focus groups.

The current strategy

In a nutshell, the current strategy is made up of the following elements:

  1. Curriculum: At Middleton Grange people’s experience a seamless, biblically based curriculum that is authentic and encourages critical engagement with contemporary society.
  2. Building professional capacity: all teachers are reflective, lifelong learners, they deliver the highest quality teaching and learning within and across year levels and learning areas.
  3. Culture: Pupils, parents and staff work within a culture of excellence with Christ’s character permeating every aspect of school life. As a connected family we serve together, celebrate with one another, and realise the gifts God has placed in us.
  4. Parent community: There is a high-quality communication and a strong partnership between home and school. Parents are actively involved in the life of the school for the benefit of pupils, and have a clear understanding of biblically based education.
  5. Service: pupils, parents and staff are motivated by love and compassion to serve purposefully within school, local and wider community. Opportunities for all peoples to use the get things for practical acts of service are provided through our curriculum and school life.
  6. Collaboration: Middleton Grange is committed to collaborating with other schools and organisations with common interests to share resources, teaching expertise and strategies.  For example, Middleton Grange has agreed to give enrolment preference to the graduates of Christian Education Network member schools. These schools include Aidanfield Christian School, Emmanuel Christian School, Hillview Christian School, Rangiora New Life School and Rolleston Christian School.

If you would like to read more about these elements in greater depth, here are links to more detailed material:

  1. [Current School Strategy]
  2. [Collaboration and Strategy]
  3. [Affiliations]
  4. [Middleton Grange’s Special Character]
  5. [Foundational Principles for Curricula]
  6. [School Charter]

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email them to Tony Kan, board member and coordinator for this consultation.

Prayer Group

Come and pray God’s cover over our school community. All welcome! On MONDAY mornings, 9am. Meets weekly in the room at the back of the staff room. For any questions text or phone Justine on 027 486 0423.


Reader/Writers assist Year 7-13 pupils with Specific Learning Disorders (e.g. Dyslexia) in their assessments. Some pupils are entitled to a reader or writer only and some to a reader and writer. A list of requests is sent weekly by email to our team of volunteers who then choose a time and date to sign up for. We are always looking for more Reader/Writers to join our team.Sign up by contacting the Learning Centre.

Middleton Evening Market

Please note that sadly we have decided to postpone the Middleton Evening Market/Fiesta as we have been unable to secure the much-needed interest/support in organising and co-ordinating the event. Instead, however, we are hoping to hold a social evening of games and family fun on Friday 29th November as an alternative. Further details about this will be shared with you soon.

We are hoping to have the Evening Market again next year. In order to support this, we will be establishing a Middleton Grange School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and are seeking expressions of interest from parents who might like to attend a meeting to hear more about this and possibly be involved in this organisation. If you are interested could you please contact Hillary Carley via email to provide us with your contact details and any experience or strengths that you may be able to provide.

We would love to be inundated with offers and expressions of interest for parents to join and establish a PTA at Middleton Grange School in 2020.

Uniform Shop

Parent helpers assist uniform staff during normal open hours, on Second-hand Intake Days and during holiday opening hours prior to the seasonal uniform change (before Terms 1 and 3). If you are able to assist in any of these time periods, the uniform shop would love to hear from you.  Indicate your availability by popping in to the shop or emailing your contact and availability details.

Parent Coffee Mornings

Enjoy meeting with other parents over a cup of quality coffee in The Grange foyer each Friday morning from 9am (term time only). Please bring a gold coin donation to cover costs.