Venue Hire

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All Prices are accurate from 18th June 2020 and are GST Exclusive

Performing Arts Theatre

Half Day (3-6 hours) $1000 per day Theatre Stage, 304 seat audience, 4 Dressing Rooms, Green Room, Dock, Foyer, Kitchen. Includes projector, sound desk, lighting desk, wireless microphone/headset.
Full Day (6+ Hours) $1500 per day
2 Mandatory Staff
Venue Host
Venue Technician
$75/hr to cover the cost of both Staff are required onsite for the full duration of your hire.
Studio Theatre
(K119 Classroom)
$150 per day Typically hired with the theatre, cannot be hired separately if the theatre is already booked.
Staging $50 per panel per day Panels 1×1.5 meters in length, wheels or feet can be attached, 8 panels available
Set up staging labor Pre-hire $250
Comms hire $50

Lighting in the theatre

Standard rig Comes with theatre hire Basic warm and cool wash across the stage.
Cyc lights, side lights in 4 colours.
Blue, Red, Green, Lavender.
Lighting Computer Desk Only allowed to use when hiring LED lights A trained technician will be required to operate this computer.
Follow Spotlight $85 per day
Moving LED’s $50 per day for 1
$350 per day for the full set of 8
8 LED lights available.

School Hall

Up to 3 hours $250 per day A light and airy, stand-alone building with a sprung wooden floor and a low stage at one end. There is also a large kitchen and toilets. 500 occupancy (300 seat available). Includes projector, wireless microphone, small sound system.
Full Day (6+ Hours) $450 per day
Whare $100 per day
General Classroom $85 per day
Extra Cleaning $150
Wi-Fi & Internet Access No Charge – however it must be asked for in advanced of the hire date.

Sports Facilities

Our Sports Centres are mostly used by the school and our regular hirers. Additional bookings are sometimes available.


We have the pleasure of hosting church congregations across our venues every Sunday. Before inquiring about a Sunday booking, please see below if we have a space available for you.

Theatre/Studio Theatre: Unavailable
Hall: Unavailable
Whare: Unavailable

Booking Inquiries

Sports Centres: Mr Chris Goldsbury Send an email or ph 348-9826 ext 458.
Performing Arts Venues & School Hall: Mr Joel McKinnon Send an email
Everywhere else: Mr Kevin Wakeham Send an email