Starting School

Starting Primary School (Year 1)

Starting school is a big transition for every five year old. We aim to work with families to make this transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We have written up a list of ways you can help your child prepare to start school.

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Starting Middle School (Year 7)

Approximately half of Year 7 are pupils completely new to Middleton Grange. A number of early bonding activities are held to integrate these students with those who moved up from Primary School, as well as to ensure all of them find their feet in their new environment. As part of this, a comprehensive Peer Support programme is run during Term 1. These are small group activities, facilitated by carefully chosen Year 12 leaders. Our team of Year 7 teachers also run an activities day at Spencer Park to aid the integration process.

A real emphasis is placed on ‘getting to know students’ both academically and pastorally. New students are interviewed by the Learning Team Leader or Head of Middle School in order to gain an understanding of each students interests and academic abilities. Classroom teachers will also complete a ‘class description’ which is used to aid the transition process.

Year 7 students are placed with a Form Teacher who takes them for Literacy, Social Studies and Scripture. Students may have their Form Teacher for Numeracy, though this is differentiated amongst the year group. The Student-Form Teacher relationship is an important part of the transition process and this teacher will be a significant adult for each student in their care over the course of the year.

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Starting Senior College (Year 11)

Year 11 brings together students from MGS, the Christian Education Network, Home Schooling and various other schools to engage in the new academic challenge of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). In their first year of Senior College, students focus on establishing an effective work ethic that aspires to the school’s high expectations and encourages students toward personal excellence in all of their endeavours.

Individuals’ gifts, abilities and faith are valued and given opportunity to develop through sundry experiences that are offered in a range of disciplines, both in and outside the classroom. While the focus is on settling in and learning new systems and processes, students may strengthen in character through participating in Service and Missions events.

An extensive Pastoral structure wraps around students and provides on-going nurture, guidance and support throughout the 3 years of Senior College. This includes the Vertical Group (a mix of Y11-13 students), two Deans per Year Level, Head and Assistant Head of Senior College, Careers and Guidance counsellors.

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Choosing a School

Choosing a school that best meets the needs of your particular child and family is an important decision which will impact your child’s future.

The Ministry of Education has developed some guidelines on choosing the right school, which you may find helpful in making your decisions.