Alumni Profile

Richard Vanderpyl

Hi, I am Richard Vanderpyl. I served at Middleton Grange from 2002 to 2019. I am married to Linda, who is an alumni of Middleton, and all four of our children were blessed to attend Middleton Grange.

I have so many fond memories that it is difficult to recount them all, but my fondest memory is of the Middleton Grange community – the students, staff, and parents. Being able to work alongside talented staff and supporting students at sports tournaments, music and cultural festivals has always been a highlight for me. Another fond memory is the wonderful school culture that sought to honour God in everything that we did.

Since leaving Middleton, I felt God’s calling to go to Hong Kong and serve as the Head of an international school called Christian Alliance International School. Linda and I arrived in 2019, which marked some of the most significant social and political changes in Hong Kong with social unrest and then the global pandemic. CAIS is a wonderful authentic Christian school with over 1,600 students. It has been a real blessing to get to know so many new staff and students from cultures across the world – it has expanded my appreciation of the world we live in!

I think the biggest way for me that I have seen God work in my life was to give me Shalom (peace) when I left Middleton Grange School where I was very happy to be, and then to move to Hong Kong. There was a lot of work to be done in the school alongside the many changes in Hong Kong, but not once have I felt a lack of Shalom, which I believe is God’s grace to me during this time.

My greatest advice to current and future alumni is to be faithful in the giftings God has given you, give of your very best, and never compare yourself to others. Seek to know God. Middleton Grange is a great place to deepen your faith or to come to know Christ for the first time. Take hold of that opportunity and always be a blessing to others!