Alumni Profile

Nicole van den Engel

Hi, I’m Nicole van den Engel (nee Huls) from the class of 2007. I loved my time at Middleton, from years 9-13, particularly the senior years. My favourite memories are of times with friends and being involved in barbershop and choir, and a little bit of dance. I’m also a bit of a nerd and quite enjoyed my classes, especially in my final year. My senior year at school was filled with mixed emotions as it revolved around the sudden passing of Mr. Patterson at school, which was a huge loss as he had become a mentor in faith during Christian Studies classes.

At Middleton I was supported to take on challenges and serve, growing in leadership skills and faith. I learnt about what faith looks like to different Christians and the beauty there is in denominations uniting together and encouraging each other.

After graduating high school I went into nursing school, seeking a career in community health. I have worked in various community settings in Christchurch, Hamilton, and Australia with a particular passion for wound care and palliative care.

I married Anthony in 2009, and we had Zoe (9) in 2014 and Ezra (7) in 2015, and recently Enzo (6) joined us. In 2019, we moved as a family to the Philippines where we are currently still serving as missionaries. Anthony volunteers as a high school teacher at Faith Academy, which is an international school for missionaries’ children, and I am serving as Director at Hope Alive Clinic (part of KIDS International Ministries), which strives to give excellent free pregnancy-related care to those living in poverty while sharing the true hope of the Gospel. God is always full of surprises as I had minimal pregnancy-related nursing training prior to arriving here, and while I’ve tried to stay out of hospital nursing all my career, He has now called our team to expand into a hospital so that we can increase our reach into the community and provide the basic healthcare that’s so desperately needed in the slums of Manila. It never ceases to amaze me how He uses people we consider unqualified to do His work and proclaim His Glory!

To all the current students, may you always seek God’s heart above all else. True contentment and joy in this life only come through Him. Even when you feel out of your depths and unqualified for the task ahead, take courage because He will supply all that is needed for His plans to succeed.

To anyone interested in joining us on the mission field, please reach out! We are desperately needing teachers and healthcare professionals, as well as many other opportunities to get involved!