Alumni Profile

Liz Gregory

I was a teacher at Middleton Grange from 2000 – 2007 and I was blessed to work with fantastic colleagues and students.  After leaving Middleton we did a few months overseas travelling, and on our return we moved to Timaru.  My husband Graham worked in website development and I started a small little papercrafting business which accidentally grew and grew until we were hiring staff and running a large shop!  After several years our lives became consumed with helping people who had left Gloriavale.  This ministry work has grown so much, and three years ago we established the Gloriavale Leavers’ Support Trust to help people who were leaving.  We run the charity from offices on our rural property, and we have a few staff and lots of volunteers who assist us.  It’s a blessed work, and God has been good to many who leave Gloriavale in bringing them to a fuller understanding of Himself and his gospel.  The work is a lot like running a refugee resettlement programme, and a social service agency.  I feel the Lord has equipped me for the task by combining my teaching skills and business skills. Even though we can’t see ahead into the future, I have confidence that God directs our path.