Alumni Profile

Lisa Wallace

I began my Middleton Grange schooling as a form 1 student in 1988.  I was blessed to start my time at the school with Elizabeth Macfarlane as my teacher and was inspired by the art music and creativity she imparted to her classes. I had always drawn pictures and written little books as a primary student but was able to develop and thrive in the Middleton Grange art environment. Since then I used my skills for personal gifts but pursued nursing as a career and currently practice as a pediatric oncology nurse.  I have picked up my paint brush again in the last 5 years and now have a niche business where I create unique photorealistic portrait artworks from clear photos always interesting never boring. People who approach me want something memorable for the future.

Fine artist Lisa Wallace captures infinite beauty through her work and connects with the imagination of art collectors from across the globe.
Lisa has works displayed here in New Zealand also in private collections and has numerous clients abroad.

Lisa is an accomplished oil painter who has embraced drawing and painting along with storytelling since she was a young child.

Growing up in picturesque New Zealand gave her many rich experiences and opportunities to delve into the arts and surround herself with beauty and scope for the imagination.  Having undertaken painting and print making art classes at high school and thrived at these she has a more recently immersed herself back in her painting studio in Christchurch New Zealand.
From the well of untapped potential she is now creating unique modern art pieces that are capturing the heart of the art connoisseur.


Lisa is predominately an oil painting portrait specialist, honing her natural ability to capture the essence of a person and bring them to life in a unique and quirky way.  Her contemporary art displays her fascination with the human eye and how they are the window to the soul. This connection propels her to embrace a moment in time in a pure and powerful way.

She uses her photo realistic images to speak life to the viewer and challenge their grasp on reality.  Her oil painting work will take you on a journey, always interesting, never predictable. Lisa’s love for nature, beauty and life giving water is a strong intertwining theme through her contemporary art portfolio.