Alumni Profile

Sam Pearce

My name is Sam Pearce and graduated from MGS in 2018. I have a great appreciation for MGS for the work they put into me which helped me develop into the person I am today.

After I left Middleton I was accepted into Air New Zealand Aircraft Engineering Academy. End of 2019 I graduated from there and was very lucky to get an opportunity with Aviation Technology LTD in Timaru to do what I love maintaining and rebuilding Aircraft.

I am now halfway through the second year of my apprenticeship and going strong. I have recently purchased my first house in Timaru and have to give a lot of credit to Mr. Bracefeilds’s teaching about money management and budgeting.

I am still involved with the Church, I am now a part of the Timaru St Johns Anglican Congregation and have been helping the past couple of years to get a youth group established.