“I have no doubt that the discipline required to study music, and the brain development which the study of music enhances, are a major asset for studying law and other disciplines.”
- Professor Mark Henaghan, Dean of Law, University of Otago
“My view is that in order to be a good health professional it is necessary to be a good person, and to be a good person requires the active pursuit of balance in one’s professional life, family, art, music, sport etc.”
- Professor Peter Crampton, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Division of Health Sciences & Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Otago
“Apart from producing more well-rounded professionals who can engage more widely with life in general, the transferable skills that come with a musical background are invaluable: Pattern recognition, abstract thinking, appreciation of other cultures, analytical skills, study organisation skills, self management and motivation, listening skills, numeracy, creativity and written communication, and argument development skills through essay writing.”
-Professor Sunny C Collings, Dean and Head of Campus, University of Otago Wellington
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