Identity Conference 2016

Run by 40 pupils – the Prefect team and a number of Year 12 pupils under the leadership of Loisi Tuavakaola, this event picked up the baton passed to them by the pioneers of this initiative – the 2015 Prefect team. The event was held at St Teresa’s school and was opened up to Wharenui (who unfortunately were unable to attend at the last minute), Riccarton Primary School and a group of Year 7-8 pupils from Middleton Grange.

The aim was to empower the younger generation in the skills of leadership and self-management, urging them to stand up and be who they were created to be; to open their eyes to the possibility that they could make a difference in lives around them; and to provide them with the tools to enable them to step up to that mark.

A number of staff popped in at different times during the day to observe and encourage the endeavour. Mr Kendrew spent the entire day there, cheering the team on and enjoying watching our seniors demonstrating their own giftings and individuality. They were impressive in drawing out the skills and awakening awareness in the young folk before them. 

From Mr Kendrew’s pen:

 “Just wanted to let you know that I was thoroughly impressed by the Y12/13 pupils who led today’s Identity Conference. To plan and run a whole day event for Y7-8s is no mean feat and that it was achieved without mishap is a double blessing!
The depth of organisation, preparedness and leadership was matched by the leaders’ boundless enthusiasm. The small group messages were given from the heart and reflected integrity and godliness.
There were approximately 150 pupils there and from the looks on faces, most if not all enjoyed themselves. One of our Middleton pupils thanked me at lunchtime for letting her attend, which speaks volumes about the concept itself and how it was run.
If possible, I would love to be able to have even more of our pupils attend this event next year!”