Y3-8 Cross Country

On Thursday 4th of May, the whole Primary School was gathered on the field. When Mr Wallis called out the girls’ competitive race, my friends and I raced to the starting line. Suddenly, Mr Thompson shot the starting pistol and we were off! I was speeding through the air and passing by people; I realised I was in 4th place. Soon I was on the second lap, but then someone passed me, so I was 5th.  Soon I passed them again, and gathered more and more speed. But I had a problem! I had the stitch for most of the way around the second lap. Yes, I finished up 4th overall, but, even better, I was placed 3rd out of the Year 6’s! At the end, I still had the stitches but my friends greeted me with big smiles and that made me feel happy. After a while it was the House event and every House had to build a sculpture made out of people. Scott got the most shouts and they won. When cross country was over I was so relieved because I managed to run all the races, except for the boys’ races. I even ran with the juniors. I felt exhausted but it was all worth it!  
– Kianna (Y6)

7HT on Cross Country

Emily Coleman: The frosty air bit through my legs as I strolled to the frosted park. The butterflies were tangled in my stomach as I watched the first set of runners start their dreadful course. It was cross country, and I’d been dreading it for months. But it was May 4th and time for me to start. 

Melanie Black: We got changed and lined up in classes. Miss Hitchens was dressed up as Yoda and she lead 7HT (the best class) down Acacia Ave towards Middleton Park. It was freezing, and bitter air caught the ends of our noses, ears and fingers. The sun was trying to shove its way through the clouds. There were four tarpaulins set out to sit on. Mr Barlow was sitting on a stool, getting ready to talk with us through a microphone. I could see the frosted grass glistening in the sun behind him.

Tahilanu Tongamana: “Could we please have all of the non-competitive Year 7 and 8 boys!” I walked over to the start line. “On your marks, get set, GO!” I was jogging, trying to save energy, but as I got to the end of the course my energy started to run out. How was I going to run in the grass, the wet, sparkly grass, with my school shoes?! I kept jogging as I got closer and closer to the finish. 

Tevita Akau’ola:
After the race I looked at my knees and saw the mud that had once been wet was now dried up and hard. Although I didn’t win, I did my best even though I was sick. It was a fun experience for me.