Peer Support

Thursday February 2nd saw Middleton pupils young and old return to school routines after their summer break (which wasn’t long enough for some!). But for a set of Year 12s and the Year 7 pupils, the new year signalled   the beginning of Peer Support, a mentoring programme designed to help the rather disorientated Year 7s navigate the choppy waters of Middle School. Year 12s run games with them, answer any questions they may have about Middleton, and provide a friendly face on campus. 
The programme started with the leaders acquainting themselves with their mentees, an experience just as daunting for us leaders as it was for our ‘victims’. The school tour then began, an obligatory activity with the unfortunately appropriate title, ‘The Amazing Race’. I assure you, the leaders were the ones panting and stumbling behind their very enthusiastic groups! It was a brilliant start to what I am sure will be an equally fantastic term, and judging by the feedback received from other Year 12 leaders, I look forward to seeing many strong and lasting relationships formed as a result of the programme. 

By Ellie Bakker