Middleton Music Academy

The Music Academy provides performance opportunities and Itinerant Music Tuition to support students in their musical development.
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Primary School

Music is taught as a curriculum subject in each year level. In addition, primary students may choose to participate in::

  • Choir – from Year 5
  • Orchestra  – from Year 3

Middle School & Senior College

In addition to regular core, performance and examination classes in music, there are a number of activities students may choose to be involved in such as:

  • PerCo Band
  • Crescendos (Y10-13)
  • Orchestras (Y3-8 & Y9-13)
  • Jazz Band
  • Chamber Music
  • RockQuest

Students are advised of audition times, where applicable, or can inquire at the Music Department in K Block, or send an email to the Curriculum Leader of Music.