Info re School Closure 14th Nov

Update 2: 12.30pm

Barring any other significant earthquakes we will be open tomorrow (Tuesday).  The buildings have been checked by an engineer and we have one teaching space (Old Gym) that will be closed until some repairs are made.  Classes and NCEA examinations will occur as scheduled.

The decision to close the school is not made lightly and the reasons for doing so were set out in the earlier email.

The following information is relevant to parents of pupils who would have sat a NCEA exam today.

We are aware that Year 11 pupils sitting Level 1 Science and some year 12 pupils sitting level 2 Classics were not able to do so because of school closure.  As mentioned in the earlier email there is a derived grade process for pupils to obtain a grade.  

NZQA have cancelled Scholarship exams for today Monday 14th November, at this stage no further information is available with regards to these being rescheduled.

Update 1: 9am

As you will be aware the school is closed today due to the earthquake early this morning.

 The decision to close was based on a number of factors:

1 – our school community draws from a wide area in Christchurch including the eastern suburbs.  Many of these families had to be evacuated due to Civil Defence warnings of tsunami.  A number of our staff were also affected.

 2 – We have a number of two story buildings that need to be checked by an engineer today.  These checks will be done today.

 3 – An early decision had to be made to give clarity to parents.

 4 – NZQA has advised that all pupils who were to sit NCEA exams today will have a derived grade applied.  

 The safety of our pupils and staff both emotionally and physically is paramount.

 May the Lord give his blessing and strength to those families in need throughout the earthquake affected areas.

 God bless