Covid 19 / Friday, 15 October 2021

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Whānau

On Thursday evening the Middleton Grange School Board met to discuss the recent Government announcement about mandatory vaccinations for all staff/volunteers who work or are likely to come into contact with students at our school.  Our hearts are saddened that the staff and school community are facing a difficult and potentially divisive situation as a consequence of the pandemic.

As you will appreciate this is a complex and emotive issue, and one that still needs further clarification from the Ministry of Education (MOE) before we can fully understand its implications.

As a board, it was agreed that:

  1. Vaccination is a matter of individual conscience and freedom, and this choice remains that of the individual.
  2. It is the role of a School Board (as a Crown entity) to abide by New Zealand legislation, including Public Health Orders that mandate vaccinations.  A Board cannot act ultra vires, outside of its powers.
  3. The School Board and School management will support all staff irrespective of their personal views and are committed to working through this in unity and as one body, especially for those staff who are facing a significant choice now about whether or not to have the vaccine and the potential consequences of this decision.

What are the implications for parents, caregivers, and whanau?

The vaccination requirement does not apply to parents or whānau undertaking student pick-ups and drop-offs, but these should be conducted in an outdoor environment where face coverings must be worn, and physical distancing measures retained.

The vaccination requirement does apply to any caregivers volunteering onsite in any capacity where you may have contact with children. We will be back in touch with more practical information regarding this when we have it.

Thank you for your understanding with this challenging situation, as we know that there are a wide range of views on this matter.  We ask that you continue to cover this matter with your prayers.  God calls us to love each other, despite our differences and there is no greater need in our society at present than LOVE.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will keep you informed of updates.

Blessings In Christ

Mike Vannoort                                     Michael Smith

Principal                                                Board Presiding Member