Artishly Arty Exhibition

At the end of Term 3, the Primary School held the ‘Artishly Arty Exhibiton’ where a variety of art pieces were on display to make a colourful, creative exhibition. Every person in Primary contributed at least one piece of art work they had created at school. The Primary Hall looked like a gallery! 

The children in Room 8 enjoyed creating fabulous artworks for the Artishly Arty Exhibition. They made stars out of paper bags. There was a bag for every colour of the rainbow, which make up each point of the star. They also made cat pictures using pastels and vivid markers.

Room 9 pupils did an amazing job of creating artwork for the Primary School’s art exhibition.
We loved creating perspective in our perspective drawings, and our expanded paintings of the solar system involved wonderful effects! We learned to flick and blow on the paintbrush with a variety of colours. 

Ruma Tekau created an art piece about ANZAC- ‘We shall remember them’ and a Sunset Picture- learning about reflection.

The Pukeko Class (Room 11) enjoyed sharing the story “Charlotte’s Web”. The spider’s web and spiders we created were exhibited in the Artishly Arty Exhibition. We also tried putting ourselves in Wilbur’s trotters in our writing. Here are 2 examples… 

I am Wilbur 
As a sharp iron axe came swooping towards me, a small, kind girl came running, shouting something I did not understand. She was crying her little red eyes out of their sockets. I was lifted up and held in two big rough hands. Suddenly I was plonked into a box and swallowed into the darkness. The next wonderful morning I was carefully laid on a dark wooden chair. The small girl came slowly down the stairs. I made a scratching noise so she would hear me. She came closer and closer, then lifted me out, her mother handed her a bottle and she fed me some warm milk. I licked my lips with contentment. Fern tucked me into my bed and I fell into a deep sleep before you could say banana.
by Lucas Bennetts

I am Wilbur
Mr Arable was holding an axe and walking to my pen to kill me. Fern ran out of the house and took the axe off her Father. 
“Why are you going to kill that innocent little pig?”
“Because new born pigs do mischievous things. But you can see how mischievous he is!”
Two big hands picked me up, held me against her cheek and told me I was perfect. Fern fed me a warm bottle of milk and she taught me to suck from the bottle. I was so full I felt like I was going to explode! Then I drifted off into a deep sleep.
by Sarah Saruchera