7TO Jump Jam Champions

Jump Jam is a very competitive event that is compulsory for all Year 7 pupils. Each of the four classes contend for the title of Jump Jam Champions. 

Every PE lesson was spent practicing hard, and working to the best of our ability in order to perfect every move. Although some of us were initially distracted and disinterested, our thirst for victory grew and so did our need to be number one. 

Miss Toonen encouraged us to be the best and got us to coordinate costumes. When the day came, we changed into costumes and flounced around in our onesies and tutus with excitement. We Jump Jammed our best and put 100% of our energy into it, dancing in time alongside the 3 other competing classes. 

The judges came to a verdict that was much anticipated; there would be a dance off between…7TO and 7HT! The intensity levels rose and there was rivalry in the air. After the battle, we sat down awaiting the result of our efforts. Mr Barlow requested a drum roll, and the winners were announced…7TO! Everyone from 7TO ran around and squealed with relief and delight, hugging each other and giving high-fives. 

Jump Jam was a great experience, and we think it was a good way for us to work together as a team, and it was cool to see all our hard work pay off.

Mia and Moriya – 7TO champions