Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a crown entity – a ‘local body’ which governs the school. It is made up of representatives from all sectors of the school’s community. Through the strategic plan and policies it sets vision and direction for the school within its Christian Special Character context, and monitors progress in achieving them.

A new Board is elected every three years on a date set by the Ministry of Education. The most recent election was 2016. A student trustee is elected by pupils in September each year.

Current board members are:

  • Michael Vannoort – Principal
  • Christine Buckley – Staff Trustee
  • Michael Smith – Chairperson
  • John Peez – Deputy Chairperson
  • Melanie Hikuroa – Parent Trustee
  • Rachael Hurren – Parent Trustee
  • Tony Kan – Parent Trustee
  • Becky George – Proprietor Trustee
  • David Gillon – Proprietor Trustee
  • Mark Larson – Proprietor Trustee
  • Peter Marshall – Proprietor Trustee
  • Debbie Malcolm – Pupil Trustee
  • Hillary Carley – Non-Voting Secretary

Board Minutes

Copies of Board Minutes are available via the Board Secretary:

Board Reports

Annual Report including Financial Statements can be found under Key Publications

Board Policies

Please note that all International College students fall under the policies and stipulations as found on the International College website, which meet the Code of Practice requirements.

Asset Management Policy
Children’s Act Policy 
Concerns or Complaints Policy
Concerns and Complaints Brochure
Copyright Policy
Creative Commons Policy
Credit Card Policy
Delegations Policy
Enrolment Scheme Policy
Entertainment Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Finance Policy
Fraud – Theft Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Internal Evaluation Self Review
Physical Restraint Policy
Protected Disclosures Policy
Pupil Search and Retention Policy
School Records Policy
Sensitive Expenditure Policy
Special Character Policy
Travel Expenditure Policy – IC 
Travel Expenditure Policy 
Treaty of Waitangi Policy