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Middle School Service

The Middle School has a theme each year to focus our energies in considering Christian growth and action. This years theme is "We are God's Hands and Feet." We seek to explore what God requires of us in the world we live in.

Everyone has a responsibility to serve and help others. The opportunities for service grow as pupils progress through the school. Being class leaders or captains, library monitors, sports helpers or special helpers, running fiesta stall, buddies to new pupils in the school or larger projects initiated by pupils. Year 8 and 10 are especially dedicated as service years. Pupils and teachers decide on a community service focus at the beginning of the year. Then they decide on when these events will occur and plana series of programmes to serve others in the community. In 2008 Year 8's service is towards the elderly in rest homes near to Middleton.

There is also a dedicated service day during the last week of school each year. What do you do with 450 energised young people the week before summer holidays? You use that enthusiasm for good, of course! Every Middle School form class goes out for a day to serve others.

Putting God's word into action and being His hands and feet, is a challenging thing but each form class decides how they could serve others in the community outside of school in a combined end of year effort.

Pupils brainstorm ideas and make choices about going to the City Mission, The Salvation Army, Willow Bank, Trees for Canterbury, Homes for the Elderly, Special Schools, Environmental clean up projects or Church community projects. Some pupil comments:

  • "I thought it was awesome. It was good to help people out. God has given us so much it's good to help out people who don't have much.
  • "Even though it was serving others we got a heap out of it as well. People who are different don't deserve to be shunned by society. We learned this first hand and really had a lot of fun with the kids too! "
  • "A long term project like building a new playground was a lot of hard work. We learned to work together to a common goal and help kids who really would benefit from our work.
  • "When packing food bags, one of the images that kept running through my mind was the reaction of the family that would gratefully receive them. "
  • "I just loved the thought of serving and helping others and being able to do good things for others instead of just thinking about myself. "

Pupils also are involved in serving the school and community through developing servant leadership.