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Middle School Leadership

The Why?

Christian leadership is by definition is “In essence, the Christian leader influences others to volunteer to follow Christ. It is a person who guides by going before to show the way, has authority to command, and guides by influence or persuasion.”

The What?

In the Middle School this encompasses the idea of ability to influence. Given training and opportunity, pupils can learn to influence in a way that develops their gifts and abilities in a Godly manner.

The Who?

Beginning of year activities such as camps, field trips and special events days provide opportunities for pupils to be identified as leaders. A system of class leadership rotates term by term after leaders are given some training.

The Middle School Council are a group of Year 10 pupils who are appointed to develop leadership skills under the guidance of the Head of School and the Youth Mentors who work with our school.

Pupils of all ages can be involved in servant leadership in many ways. Year 7's manage the complete recycling scheme in out school: of paper, plastics and cans as well as food scraps through the "worm farm" established by Year 7's

The Where?

Other opportunities arise in pupils' form classes, in their year level assemblies, Middle School assemblies and wider school activities to develop skills in leadership. Special projects and initiatives have been developed through the years to allow pupils to work together to help others and have a positive influence in the school.

The When?

In year 9 pupils can apply to participate in a special Service and Leadership Trip to Wellington. Year 9 pupils apply for this trip by considering their own leadership potential or experience. The trip is to create and implement a vision for Christian Service in our nations capital as they visit Parliament, the City Mission and challenge themselves to serve each other and others in their work. Pupils identified with leadership qualities are also invited to participate in the Intermediate or the National Young Leaders conferenc each year to meet and hear inspiring and aspiring leaders in our country.

Comments from Middle School Council members:

"It has helped me totally be more organised; in order to lead you have to be responsible for finding information and doing things. People have to know they can rely on you to complete the tasks you're given. I have learned to trust my team mates."

"I realise now how much of a role model you need to be. It makes me think twice about how I speak and act around other people when you realise young people are looking up to you."

"Being on the council has helped me to think quickly and give of my time to others. I realise that it is all about the people."

"The endless opportunities to organise events in the Middle School has caused me to be a better leader. Speaking in front of the Middle School in assemblies has helped me to become a confident speaker."

A teachers comments:

"Throughout the week, leaders begin to emerge. They showed up early, volunteering for a range of tasks. They developed instincts for what needed to be done, and just got on with it. They began to think ahead wand were able to take on more responsibility."