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Middle School Extra Curriculum Activities


It is compulsory for all Year 7-10 pupils at Middleton Grange School to take part in sport. Year 9 and 10 pupils in choir, performance or Kapa Haka may be excused from sport.

Year 9 and 10 pupils usually have sport on Wednesday afternoons with some teams competing on Saturdays. While the school does not encourage Sunday sport competitions in special cases exemption may be sought from the Principal.

Year 9 & 10 finish school at 2:30pm on Wedesdays for sport. Not all teams play on a Wednesday afternoon. Numerous games and competitions occur on other lunchtimes and days after school and on Saturday. Pupils must be aware of this before signing up for a sport. Pupils whose sport is not on a Wednesday may not leave the school grounds during that time if they ride the school bus.

Year 7 and 8 pupils have sport on Friday afternoons during periods 4 and 5 from 1:20 to 3:20pm. There is an 20 minute silent reading time incorporated into these times and pupils must have a book available to them.
There are also options available for those who do not wish to play competitive or interschool sport.

House Competition


In addition to regular core, performance and examination classes in music, there are a number of activities pupils may choose to be involved in. Groups include: Choir, Orchestra, Jazz Bands, Concert Band, Barbershop Quartet, and Performance Company. You may well like to be involved in the cast of the Musical Production too.

Information on auditions or rehearsal times will be on daily notices, or can be obtained from Head of Music.

Tuition in Piano, Violin, Viola, Voice, Drumming, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Brass, Guitar, Bass Guitar, 'Cello and Double Bass is available from tutors who visit the school. Enrolment forms and an idea of fees for these lessons can also be obtained from the Music Department.

Extra School Activities

There are numerous extra curricula activities available at school. Some activities are school initiated and some are private enterprises that use the school venue. As well as music tuitions (see under Music), school productions, kapa haka, and hip hop dancing are just a few examples of numerous activities available through school. The person responsible for these activities sets the time, place and particulars of the activity. Information regarding these events is available at Student Services and in the daily announcements.

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