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Middle School Character Development

An essential element of Christian education is the development of a young persons character towards a Biblical understanding of Godly living. Christ's redemption is personal but naturally leads to living a virtuous Christian life in obedience and greatfulness. All our teaching programmes are designed to include this important aspect of learning and living.


Goal Setting

During your child's time in Middle School he/she will be asked to set goals for their learning. These goals should cover academic and character growth. Questions you could ask your child to help set academic goals are: "What do you want to achieve? Why do you come to school? What are your next steps in learning?" To help them with setting these goals we have outlined what we would like to see for each pupil.

Taking My Place

Taking your place in society means growing in character and maturity. For each of our pupils we would want to see the following areas developing

  • Exploring the issues of faith with integrity
  • Active in practical works of service
  • Active in critical Christian thinking both academically and socially
  • Self motivated and self disciplined in learning and behaviour
  • Cooperative with staff, other pupils and visitors to the school
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Honest
  • Taking initiative in caring for others
  • Showing courtesy and respect
  • Organised and punctual
  • Following instructions
  • Consistently demonstrating independent work habits
  • Able to appropriately communicate their needs

In Pursuit of Excellence-Middleton's Vision Statement in Action

Christian schooling is only one aspect of life that provides a specialised environment and daily opportunities for learning and developing people of character. The Middle School is a place where purposeful learning and living occurs within a compassionate community.

It is our job to train pupils to gain skills and knowledge and discover their natural and God given gifts and talents. We want to celebrate this process!

We want to recognise pupils who are developing and exhibiting qualities such as diligence, academic achievement, organisation, cooperation and consideration of others. We have developed a token system, whereby pupils are acknowledged for efforts in these areas by the people who teach them. In the pupil school diaries there are pages devoted to recognising effort in these areas. Teachers have a range of opportunities to sign and acknowledge accomplishments.

The system acknowledges pupils at all levels of progress. A special certificate "In Pursuit of Excellence" is awarded to acknowledge positive steps in these areas. When a row of tokens have been received pupils visit their deans.

10 tokens -each 10 tokens pupils visit their dean for a sticker award
50 tokens -a Dean's visit and certificate issued
100 tokens -a Head of School visit and certificate
150 tokens -a Principal's visit and certificate

This system gives opportunity to recognise the many small steps it takes in developing habits that build character. Jesus said "Whatever you do, do heartily, as unto the Lord." We applaud pupils who work at doing this during their time at school.