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Middle School Assessment

The style of assessment and reporting in the Middle School is a standards based system. The standards in each subject correlate to the New Zealand Curriculum levels but also have Special Character elements.

To access each curriculum area’s standards go…..

Each standard has descriptors that explain and reflect the curriculum level and what must be done to achieve that standard:

  • ‘E’ for Excellence means working above the curriculum level
  • ‘M’ for Merit means working at the high end of the curriculum level
  • ‘A’ for Achieved means working at the curriculum level
  • ‘AA’ for Almost Achieved means almost working at the curriculum level
  • ‘NA’ for Not Achieved means working below the curriculum level.

Pupils need to be developing good habits that assist them in the learning process in order to achieve to their potential. The reports also assess how your child is developing in the aspects of character that we are working to see develop in pupils as learners such as organisation, punctuality, and diligence.