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Children at workChildren with their creations
Group work in the classroom. One of our 7Cs in action...................cooperation!
Mat work



Children concentrating hard during mat work.

Launching of the bottle rockets created during a Technology unit.
Watch out!
Bottle rockets
Children working hard




Junior children working hard during storywriting.



Creativity to the fore during an art lesson.

Art lesson
International visitPaper crane makingGame time!
Visits by International pupils from a variety of countries are enjoyed by the children.
Two girls




Two heads are often better than one! Working together is a great skill to develop.

Assembly timeAssembly performance

Whole School

Our Wednesday whole school assemblies are always interesting. The ideas and work put in by each class is amazing!
Assembly performanceAssembly performance
Maths......New ideas and concepts. Exciting activities! Certainly not the way our parents did it.Maths
Koru artTutankhamen masks
Art on display......Koru and Tutankhamen masks. Great work everyone.