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Member Profiles:


Andy van Ameyde

Chairperson. Proprietor Trustee, Education Consultant

I have been a parent elected representative of the Board of Trustees since the school integrated in 1996.  My wife, Jo-Ann and I have six children, all of whom have attended Middleton Grange School from new entrant level with the youngest graduating in 2012 and so we have had the wonderful blessing of being involved with the school for the past 25 years. Jo-Ann is also an ex pupil of the school. 

As a Board we continue to challenge the boundaries of pupil achievement and stimulate high levels of pupil motivation within the context of a Christian world view. Our pupils need to leave Middleton Grange with the faith, skills and knowledge to make a difference for Christ in our nation. Christian staff are our school’s most valuable resource who need every opportunity and support to continue to develop their teaching skills with a particualr emphasis on special character delivery.  

 I am employed part time by the Christian Schools in Christchurch as Christian Schools Coordinator.  This means I am based on the school site which allows me to spend time during the day supporting our principal in my role as board chair.



Jeremy Ferguson

Deputy Chairperson. Parent Trustee, IT Consultant

I was elected as parent rep to the BoT in 2010. I have worked in the Information & Technology field for the last 18 years.

My wife and I have 4 boys, three of them are currently in the primary school at MGS. Our family love being part of this school and I see it is a privilege to be able to serve as a BoT Member.  This school has an incredible heritage and with our 50th year celebrations coming up in 2014 it is really exciting to see the growth.

I hope can use my skills to support the school at a governance level, to help preserve the schools “Special Character,” and that our children continue to receive a high quality Christian education.


Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall

Proprietor Trustee, Development Manager

I clearly remember how thrilled I was in 1964 when Middleton Grange School commenced in Christchurch.  Little did I know that I would have the privilege of being involved with the school for so long.  I commenced as the school Executive Officer in 1986 and remain heavily involved as a member of the Christian Schools’ Trust and also the Board of Trustees.  As a CST representative on the Board I am passionate about ensuring the special character of the school remains true to the original vision.

As a an ex-parent and grandparent of current and past pupils I see the results of an education at Middleton Grange and I am as convinced, as I was in 1964, of the benefits in every area of life, and particularly the potential for spiritual growth in the lives of our children and young people.

It is a privilege to serve with a group of people who are like-minded in their commitment to Middleton Grange and the future of Christian education.



Amanaki Misa

Proprietor Representative, Manager



Richard Vanderpyl

Richard Vanderpyl


After graduating from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Commerce, I moved to Christchurch and attended Christchurch College of Education.

I taught Commerce (Accounting, Economics) at Hornby High School and Hamilton Boys’ High before securing a position at Cambridge High School as Assistant Principal. After 3 years, my wife convinced me to move back to Christchurch as Assistant Principal for one year at Cashmere High School.

I then was fortunate to gain a position at Hillmorton High School for the next 5 years as Deputy Principal. During this time I completed a Master of Educational Administration with first class honours and won an exciting scholarship called the Winston Churchill Fellowship. This allowed me to visit high academic performing schools in low socio-economic areas of the East Coast of America. This was an amazing experience to see pupils with disadvantaged backgrounds being given excellent academic opportunities.

In 2001 I moved to Middleton Grange School, initially as an Assistant Director of the International College before becoming Associate Principal in 2002 and Principal in 2010.

I married the beautiful lady I first met when I moved to Christchurch and have four wonderful children. I enjoy road biking and have competed (with pain but no glory) in a number of cycle races. My latest hobby is gold prospecting which is not going as well as I hoped.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to Middleton Grange School. Middleton Grange is much more than a school: it is a learning community with talented staff and pupils. It is a school that offers great opportunities for academic excellence, character development and spiritual formation. It is a school that exists to give glory to God!

God called into being two key institutions as the foundations for order in His Creation. These institutions are the family and the church.

Middleton Grange School is clear about its mandate to support families as prime educators and to work co-operatively with the church to "train up children in the way they should go". We take this responsibility seriously and seek to serve the family, the church, and the wider world by challenging young people to respond to the Christian faith, integrate their faith with their learning and take their faith, as ambassadors, out into the wider world.

The sense of family and partnership is enhanced by the wonderful unity we enjoy as a school community around core values based on Biblical principles. This makes Middleton much more than a school. It is a compassionate community in which the God-given gifts and talents are celebrated and nurtured.

God calls each one of us to do whatever we are doing excellently as though we were doing it for Him and not for ourselves. Personal best is a universal expectation in this school.

On this basis Middleton Grange School delivers the New Zealand Curriculum in a quality fashion from a Biblical perspective. It offers an impressive array of co-curricular activities.

I look forward to welcoming your family to Middleton Grange School.



Caleb Cooper

Staff Trustee, Teacher



Allan Fone

Allan Fone

Parent Trustee, Consultant

I am married (over 25 years) and a father of three. Two sons and one daughter, all past school age. I Love family, friends and photography. My background is in business. (My wife and I owned a large photographic lab with several staff for 13 years.)

Over the last 12 years I have been a trainer & facilitator of school boards delivering training on effective governance. I have also served on two other school boards. This is my second term on Middleton’s board.

As a volunteer service to the community I run a ‘Firewood Mission’ with a team of other volunteers.


Ruth Coapman

Ruth Coapman

Parent Representative’ Teacher

Hi I’m Ruth Coapman – happily married to Walter for 22 1/2 years and Mum to teenagers, currently attending Middleton Grange.  I have two main jobs – By day, I am a primary school teacher – working at a local school and  by night a mum/taxidriver/chef/cleaner/negotiater!

I am passionate about my relationship with Jesus, growing godly kids and serving others.

After all my years teaching and seeing many changes to the curriculum and how it is implemented  - I still love my job!  I still love working with young people, helping them become self-managed, life long learners.

Middleton Grange is a great school.  As a parent rep on the Board of Trustees, I enjoy working alongside a very skilled group of people, dedicated to seeing Middleton Grange honour God through its policies, goals, curriculum, teaching practices and the ways it encourages its young people to become the best they can be.  As changes occur, I especially enjoy the process of recruiting others to Middleton who share our vision and passion and who are a great fit for the school.


Natasha Evans

Natasha Evans

Parent Trustee

I am married to Richard and together we have 7 children. The eldest has completed his education after attending Middleton Grange from year 1 to 13, in 2014 we have children in years 13,12,9,1 and twins starting new entrants at the end of the year. We feel incredibly blessed and grateful for the input and guidance the teachers and staff have provided our children over the years. I feel it is a privilege to support the school in any way I can, to help continue the high standard of education and character development within the school.

I have been self employed for nearly 20 years, and together with my husband we run Benchmark Homes in Canterbury.

I am passionate about youth and seeing children grow to fulfil their God given purpose in life. I am also passionate about helping young New Zealanders achieve their sporting dreams, and along with my husband we are privileged to be involved in a number of projects to help youth in sport.

In my spare time, I love spending time with our children and friends, learning languages, travel, and working towards my dream of serving in international missions.


Christine Buckley

Christine Buckley

Parent Trustee

What a privilege it is to have the opportunity to serve as a Parent Trustee on the Board at Middleton Grange.

I have a background in education, working as a Primary School Teacher for 15+ years in different schools and in various roles. I relish the opportunity to be part of a quality Christian School, one that is working to bring Glory to God.

I have a great family - I am married to Andrew and we have three children, two in the Primary School and one pre-schooler. We moved to Christchurch, previously spending 14 years in Marlborough.

Our children love being a part of the Middleton Grange school community. I know that Middleton Grange will have a positive impact on them, as the school did when I attended.

I presently teach part-time and spend the rest of the days, busy with my family. I loved travelling (BC - before children) and am now being convinced of the merits of caravanning adventures by the kids. I am looking forward to the day when I can once again read a book without interruption! I enjoy photography and have had a photography business based in Marlborough.

I really enjoy working with people and count it an honour to be part of the dedicated team at Middleton, working towards the achievement of our children and the development of their Godly character.


Bailey Wiltshire

Bailey Wiltshire

Student Representative

I am currently in Year 12 and have been attending Middleton Grange School since Term 4 of 2013. In order to help other students at Middleton, I try to provide encouragement and positivity through conversation and participation in various programs such as Peer Support and World Vision.

As an immigrant myself, I am very passionate about making sure that other students (international and local) feel welcome and appreciated by others at school. Students should be confident that their voices are being heard by those making decisions which effect them and I am passionate about being the representative between the students and the Board and relaying this information from both directions. Just as important as it is for students to be heard, it is critical to share with students how much their leaders and teachers genuinely care about their well being and the well being of the school in general.

As the Student Representative for the Board of Trustees, I plan to do my best to represent the student body by giving unbiased and accurate reports of how we feel as students and what we believe could make our school better. I want to be the voice for students at Middleton Grange as well as I can. I plan to do this by being a part of the Student Forum, periodically conducting surveys, and asking students from all year levels for their opinions on various matters when appropriate. Most of all, I want to help other students by putting their needs above my own.



Hillary Carley