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Senior College Success Planner

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Effective time management and organisational skills – 2 vital elements of successful academic progress.

Pupils perform better if they are more organised with their time and give study the appropriate priority. Keeping family, youth group, study, leisure, sport and other activities in balance is a skill that pupils need to acquire if they wish to set a sound foundation for achieving their future goals. Once acquired, the benefits of this skill go beyond school, remaining with them as they undertake tertiary studies or enter the work force.

The new Success Planner programme introduced into the Senior College this year assists pupils to become well organised and effective managers of every aspect of their daily lives.

The programme works through

·        The partnership of parents, pupils and school

·        The Wall Planner - a tool for planning time and keeping track of progress

·        A structured study programme - delivered by the school

Keep up to date with developments through the links on this page and empower your son or daughter to become independent and competent life-long learners.

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