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Sports Fees 2012

The school establishes a sports budget annually to pay staff salaries, membership of School Sport Canterbury programme and to subsidise sporting activities.

A ‘user pays’ regime covers the balance of funding necessary.

Parents and caregivers will not incur the fees if a pupil notifies the team coach or Head of Sport of their withdrawal from a sport or team prior to the second scheduled game, or by the end of the first week of the commencement of that sport.

Base Fee

The family of any Year 9-13 pupil registered to participate in a sport extra-curricular activity will be charged an annual base fee of $5.00 per pupil for general overheads (postage, photocopying, advertising, office administration, etc.).

Sport Specific Fee

Each sport has a specific fee which varies depending on the requirements of the sport and covers:

·     Entry

·     Equipment

·     Affiliation fees

·     Uniform

·     Transport

·     Venue hire

·     Coaching/Referees

·     Default charges, etc.

Parents are provided with an outline of fees at the time of registration. An outline is also available for viewing on the school website.

Payment of Fees

Fees are charged to the family’s school account. Fees will be charged three times a year:

1.            Late Term 1 for Term 1 sports.

2.            Late Term 2 for Term 2/3 winter sports.

3.            Mid Term 4 for Term 4 sport, plus the base charge of $5.00.

Other Costs

1.            Families will be asked to make a contribution to the cost of any awards (badges, etc.).

2.            If a team of sport undertakes a school sanctioned trip (including tournament week) this is generally funded by the families.

3.            Fundraising

a)      A proposal for any fundraising venture associated with the school must be lodged through Mr Mckinnon for approval.