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Middleton Grange School Fees

Attendance Dues

Each pupil will be charged an attendance due of $1,400 p.a. (GST incl.). This charge is approved by the Ministry of Education and is payable to the proprietors of the school (The Christians School Trust) for the upgrading of existing buildings and the provision of new buildings and facilities together with other property related costs as required by the Ministry of Education under the Deed of Integration.


Special Character Donation (SCD) (voluntary)

One child$540 p.aTwo children$972 p.a
Three children$1080 p.aFour + children$1188 p.a

These are fixed by the Board of Trustees, and used to fund items that are not provided for in the Operations Grant provided by the Ministry of Education. These include items such as publications, equipment for school sporting and cultural activities, and activities relating to the Christian character of the school.

From the start of the 2014 year the Attendance Due will be invoiced separately from the Special Character Donation by The Christians Schools Trust (CST). Payment is directed to the CST's bank account (02-0874-0182984-000).

Middleton Grange School (MGS) will receive the Special Character Donation from parents. Payment is directed to MGS bank account (02-0874-0182976-002). During the 2014 year MGS will be allowing families the opportunity to pay the SCD (see above) on a monthly basis as we trial the spreading of the SCD over 10 months of the year. Families can also opt to pay the amount in full before 31 March each year in order to claim the maximum tax rebate. The SCD will appear on the monthly statement as a 'voluntary invoice' associated with each child that is attending. A number (from 1 to 10) will appear alongside the reference SCD and this notates the particular instalment that month's SCD represents. Once payment is received that instalment will disappear the following month.


Payment options are:

  • In full at the commencement of Term 1 (the Attendance Due only has a discount of $50 per pupil will be available).
  • In four instalments, one at the commencement of each term.
  • In monthly or fortnightly instalments by automatic payment. Forms are availble from School Office.


Course Fees

Some courses incur charges to recover the costs of materials. Details of charges are available in the appropriate course information booklets. These will be invoiced as incurred and payment is directed to MGS bank account (02-0874-0182976-002).

From the start of the 2014 year selected activities that pupils will be involved with will be required to be paid in advance in full before the pupil can attend, unless prior arrangements have been approved by the Principal.

Unless advised otherwise, payments received will be allocated against the oldest invoice first. The Special Character Donation (SCD) is the only voluntary part of the statement; all other invoices are required to be paid.


Board of Trustees Scholarships

The Board offers two scholarships to assist in cases of financial difficulty. These scholarships are available to pupils across year levels 7 to 13.  All scholarships are valued at $575 p.a. for two years.
Pupils wishing to be considered for a scholarship should apply in writing using the form available from the School Office.