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Primary School Curriculum

Gateway to the Years Ahead

The Primary School is very much a gateway to the years ahead at Middleton Grange. The first years of primary education establish foundations for the future. The aim of all Primary School staff is to develop the gifts of each child in our care. 

We encourage all children to strive towards their full potential academically, socially and spiritually. Biblical teaching is woven through the curriculum and directly applied in classroom programmes. Parents play a vital role in the Primary School. We provide a varied and interesting programme with a strong emphasis on numeracy and literacy.

Excellent resources, teacher professionalism and innovation are strengths in the Primary School.

Middleton Grange Primary School is held in high regard for its firm, structured environment within which individual students feel very special. 


To view a Diagram of the Primary Curriculum click here.

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To view a Diagram of the Primary Curriculum click here.,253,487/primary-curriculum.pdf