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Primary Library Entrance

Girls reading books

Boy looking at books

Library Information

The school has two separate libraries. The Primary Library, located in the ground floor of the historic Bowen homestead in the middle of the Primary campus, serves pupils in Years 0-6. The Secondary Library, located upstairs at the eastern end of G block, serves pupils in years 7-13.

Both libraries are modern and well-equipped and are popular with pupils doing research and wanting books for recreational reading. Pupils and teachers are able to access online resources from the Library computers.

There is an emphasis on purchasing materials which support the school's Special Character while also providing a balanced collection. The criteria for selection is outlined in the Collection Development Policy of each library. Christian books, both fiction and non-fiction, feature prominently in both collections. New books are added to the stock regularly and are displayed on the New Book Display when processed.

Our vision is that:

  • our libraries will provide a centralised, accessible, physical and virtual learning and information environment
  • our libraries will promote literacies and be integral to the school's teaching and learning goals
  • our pupils will have access to a wide range of print and electronic resources
  • our pupils will develop as information literate learners and critical thinkers, able to transfer these skills to a wide range of learning situations
  • our libraries will foster a delight in reading and stimulate an interest in God's world
  • our libraries will encourage a broad Christian worldview.

"With one day's reading, a man may have the key in his hands"
(Pisan Cantos, Canto 74 (1948)

Senior Library Entrance

Senior Pupil in Library

boy at work