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Curriculum Vision Statement

At Middleton Grange School we are committed to a rigorous learning culture based on an understanding of truth as revealed in the whole counsel of Scripture. We equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to understand their heritage and their place in it; and to critique and engage contemporary society. We work with parents to encourage pupils in their gifts and abilities to serve God and others.

Curriculum Diagram

Middleton Grange School Foundational Principles for Curricula

A set of principles that underpin the curriculum at Middleton Grange have been identified in consultation with staff.  These Foundational Principles form the basis of curriculum planning in the school.

The Foundational Principles for Curricula (FPC) is a primary document underpinning all aspects of curriculum planning, delivery, assessment and evaluation. It provides a biblical framework for understanding what is taught in an integrated Christian school. The FPC outlines a biblical understanding of the nature of man (anthropology), the nature of knowledge (epistemology), and the nature of teaching and learning (pedagogy). It sits alongside the 2008 National Curriculum and the school's own Curriculum Vision Statement (CVS) as a working document relevant to all aspects of the school's operation.

PDF IconFoundational Principles for Curricula

PDF IconFoundational Curriculum Diagram


Middleton Grange School Biblical Virtues

Middleton Grange School actively seeks to draw out of its pupils virtues common to humanity and particular to the Christian. 
These might be the capacity for: