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Middleton Grange School Bylaws

As adopted by the Board of Trustees on 12 December 2011


1. These Bylaws codify the rules and regulations applicable to pupils enrolled at Middleton Grange
2. These Bylaws replace all previous rules and regulations applicable to pupils enrolled at Middleton
Grange School.


3.1 Pupils are expected, at all times, to conduct themselves in a sensible, responsible manner while at school, attending school functions, or when representing the school at other venues.

3.2 Pupils' conduct should reflect the spirit of the School's "Code of Conduct”.

3.3 Pupils are required to cooperate with all staff members and prefects. This includes giving one’s name and other reasonable information when requested, and acting in accordance with instructions issued by the staff member and prefect.

3.4 ­There is a total ban on cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, solvents, solvent-based glue, and other dangerous or unlawful drugs/substances at school, school functions, school related events such as sports, cultural or subject trips; while travelling to and from school; and at any other time where identification with Middleton Grange School is possible.

3.5 Boyfriend/girlfriend relationships should not be obvious at school or on occasions where pupils are representing the school. Where a natural interest develops, it must be conducted so as not to be conspicuous, compromising or exclusive.

3.6 Serious misconduct may lead to a stand-down or suspension from school where a pupil's gross misconduct or continual disobedience is a harmful or dangerous example to others. Serious misconduct can involve: constant defiance or disobedience of instructions or rules; acts of violence (physical and verbal) against others; acts of vandalism including actions which threaten the integrity of the school computer network; any illegal drug use, consumption of alcohol, smoking tobacco, or solvent sniffing, or knowingly being in the presence of others who are so involved.



4.1 School classroom hours are determined by the timetable policy applying to different parts of the school. Pupils must attend all classes between these hours. The school reserves the right to impose sanctions on pupils outside of these hours if the reputation of the school is at risk through inappropriate pupil behaviour.

4.2 Absence from school for family or medical reasons must be accounted for by caregivers in advance (Where appropriate); or with a written explanation, medical certificate, or other communication within 24 hours of the pupil returning to school.

4.3 Pupils who are late to school or to any class during the school day may be subject to disciplinary action.

4.4 With the exception of Year 13 pupils during lunchtimes and end of day study periods, pupils are not permitted to leave the school grounds during the school day (including interval and lunch time) except:

  • In the case of sickness, dental or medical appointments, provided prior approval has been obtained from the Head of School.
  • For any other reason with the prior approval of the Head of School.


5.1 Detentions may be issued for any contravention of the school Bylaws, or for not following the instructions of a teacher.

5.2 Pupils will complete detentions on the date specified unless otherwise arranged with their Dean/Head of School.

5.3 Detentions for Year 7 - 13 pupils are held during Lunchtimes for the first half hour and after school from 3.25pm -4.25 pm

5.4 Detentions take precedence over all other school and work activities. Families will need to make suitable arrangements.


6.1 Pupils are permitted to bring a motor vehicle/motor cycle to school provided they first obtain a permit from the Head of Senior College and abide by the conditions printed on the permit application form.

6.2 The vehicle permit must be renewed annually.

6.3 The vehicle permit may be revoked at the school's discretion.


7.1 Pupils are not permitted onto Rannerdale fields at interval.

7.2 Other areas of the school may, from time to time, be designated out of bounds. Pupils are prohibited from entering such areas.


8.1 All personal property must be clearly named.

8.2 Pupils are NOT permitted to bring to school:

  • Electronic sound and game machines, or video recorders - except with special permission from the Head of School
  • Cigarettes, tobacco, matches, lighters, pipes (including home­made pipes), alcohol, dangerous or unlawful drugs/substances, chewing gum, solvents, solvent-based glue, aerosol cans/sprays.
  • Skateboards, fireworks, knives, Weapons of any description (including imitation Weapons), or any dangerous or potentially hazardous material or items.
  • Offensive written, electronic or pictorial material.

8.3 Unless special permission is granted by the Head of School, cell phones must be kept switched off and out of sight during school hours.

8.4 The school accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to pupil's personal property.



9.1 Pupils are required to wear the designated uniform on all school­ related trips.

9.2 All trips and social functions that occur in association with school activities (such as dances and dinners) are subject to the school Bylaws.



10.1 Every pupil shall weer school uniform as detailed in the Uniform Code. This applies to pupils

who are:

  • Attending school
  • Travelling to or from school
  • Identifiable as Middleton Grange School pupils in a public place.
  • At a school function where the wearing of school uniform is required.
  • The uniform and dress codes are specified in the school Uniform Code and apply at all times unless exempted by the Associate Principal. All aspects of the ”General Appearance" section in the Uniform Code must be adhered to.

10.2 The school reserves the right to determine whether a pupil's general appearance is unacceptable and not in compliance with the school uniform and dress codes.