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Hello and welcome to the Middleton Grange School website. Our new website covers all four schools as well as our ever growing sports department.

Across the top of the page you will notice that there are 7 tabs:

  • Home – Takes you back to our homepage.
  • Whole School – This section covers all the information that is relevant to the whole school, it also includes the all important calendar so you can keep up to date with what is happening in the school.
  • Primary School – This section covers all information relevant to the Primary school
  • Middle School - This section covers all information relevant to the Middle school.
  • Senior College – This section covers all information relevant to the Senior College.
  • International College – This section has a brief introduction, contact information and a link to the International College website.
  • Sport – This section has all the information to do with sport within the school, what is on offer throughout the year and also information as to where each sport is played, uniform and day played etc.
  • Performing Arts - This section covers all relevant information to do with the Performing Arts, such as what music lessons are avialable here at Middleton Grange School.
  • Alumni - This section of the website is still currently being developed.

You will also notice that each of the tabs has dropdowns which allows easy access within that section of the website.

We hope that you enjoy finding you way around our new site and that you visit it often so that you can look at the daily changes.

God Bless